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LiquidNano Features State of the Art Liquid Glass Protector

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Impact Resistant

Provides high impact protection from those accidental situations.

Scratch Resistant

Protects your glass from showing scratches from daily wear and tear.

Water Resistant

Water, oil, and dirt just roll off provding an amazing oleophobic layer for protection.

100% Universal

LiquidNano is a one size fits all from Apple Watch to Car Windshield.

Completely Invisible

After coating you want even know LiquidNano is there.

Not Just Mobile Devices

LiquidNano is a glass protector so it can also provide protection for your car windshield.

LiquidNano Facts

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Devices Coated

Amazing Videos LiquidNano Mobile Device Videos

Below are some videos that we have created to show the durability of LiquidNano on your Mobile Devices. Please do not try any of these tests on your devices. We destroy our devices so you do not have to. LiquidNano is not a case replacement.
Click Here for Instructions

Drop Test Video
Tumbler Video
5 Phone Drop Test Video
Scratch Test Video
Application Video

LiquidNano Watch Videos

This video below shows a Ammon Mineral Crystal Watch coated with LiquidNano versus a Nixon LoDown Acrylic Crystal Watch (Acrylic Crystal is said to be unbreakable). Watch and see how untrue that is.

Watch Hammer Test

LiquidNano Windshield Videos

Watch as we test a windshiled with LiquidNano. See how the treated side out performs the untreated side in multiple tests.

Mud & Water Test
Hammer Test
Ball Bearing Test

The Best Liquid Glass Protector Superior Protection beyond just your cell phone.


Your Questions. Our Answers. Frequently Asked Questions. See all faqs.

No. LiquidNano is not shatter proof it is shatter resistant. LiquidNano provides a layer of protection on your screen that makes the surface 1000% stronger.
No. LiquidNano is not scratch proof it is scratch resistant.
No. LiquidNano is water resistant, so please don't think you can go in the shower with your device.
Yes. LiquidNano is universal so it will work on anything from a apple watch to a car windshield.

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